Live dates for Early 2015

On 25th January at the Rotterdam International Film Festival with Michaela Grill and Karl Lemieux

6th February at EARWEARE festival in Biel/ Bienne, Switzerland.


Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil | 14th December 2014

Novas Frequencias 2014


Live in Athens | October 2014

InMute '14
Saturday 25th October

Full programme here


New Shows | September 2014

Vinyl Requiem Replayed

17th at Arnolfini, Bristol

21st at Bluecoat, Liverpool


19th at the Open Days Festival in Aalborg, Denmark.


One Minute of Listening

Minute of Listening is an exciting and innovative project that has the potential to provide all primary-aged children with the opportunity to experience sixty seconds of creative listening each day of the school year. By downloading a simple application to their laptops, desktops or interactive whiteboards, teachers can bring a wealth of sonic resources into their classrooms.

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Philip Jeck & Michaela Grill & Karl Lemieux | Montreal June 2014

SUONI PER IL POPOLO Festival Montreal, Canada
Thursday, June 12, 2014 Sala Rossa 13$/15$ 20h30

Austrian video artist Michaela Grill together with Canadian filmmaker Karl Lemieux and British turntablist Philip Jeck, will present a unique and improvised audio-visual performance in which image and sound, analog and digital elements are synergistically interwoven.

michaela grill: laptop
philip jeck: turntables
karl lemieux: 16mm projectors


Q&A with Philip Jeck | 25th May 2014

Mike Harding hosts a Q&A with Philip Jeck at 4:30pm on Sunday. An immense musical event featuring performances from Robert Millis, Phillip Jeck, Basic House, Lee Patterson, Female Band, and Dean McPhee.

Fuse ArtSpace

Facebook entry here


Live Performances | May/June 2014

The Detroit Project (Bochum, Ruhr, Germany)
20:00-21.00. 15th, 16th and 17th May
at Turbinehalle, Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum, Germany

25th May
Fuse Artspace, Bradford, England
Q&A with Mike Harding [Touch] & live performance

Heart Of Noise Festival
Innsbruck, Austria.
8th June


Live in Bristol | 1st February 2014


Philip Jeck & Sidsel Endresen Live at King's Place, London | Sunday 17th November 2013

Music / Sunday, 17 November 2013 - 5:00pm / Hall Two

The legendary Norwegian vocalist Sidsel Endresen met revered British turntablist Philip Jeck at the Punkt Festival in Norway in 2011.

In 2012 they performed together as improvisers for the first time in Oslo in the conexions series. This show brings Scene Norway 2 to an exciting conclusion.

Presented in collaboration with conexions.

'To watch a woman sitting on a stool and share an [...] unfathomable technique, with a voice which is warm yet dangerous, appealing yet untouchable is an experience we don't find anywhere else.' Fiona Talkington

Curated by Fiona Talkington and part of EFG London Jazz Festival Kings Place Residency



Philip Jeck's releases on Touch are now available on Bandcamp



Philip Jeck is published by Touch Music [MCPS]. His work is also released on Touch, one of the most influential independent labels based in the UK [founded 1981/2].

Philip has contributed pieces from his archives to TouchRadio




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Philip Jeck is a member of Spire. You can read about Spire and all the live events, including photos, here

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Here are Philip Jeck's releases with the titles linked to the relevent page in the TouchShop. Reviews of all of Philip Jeck's releases can be read here

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Philip Jeck studied visual art at Dartington College of Arts. He started working with record players and electronics in the early '80's and has made soundtracks and toured with many dance and theatre companies as well as his solo concert work.

A full CV can be downloaded here.

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Reviews of CDs and other releases can be found in the main Touch catalogue section, which can be found here


There is a feature on Philip Jeck in the twelfth edition of The Sound Projector [published in March 2004]. More information can be found here. The Sound Projector is a really excellent magazine, well-worth buying.

And in September 2010, Italian magazine Blow Up published this feature.

Part One
Part Two

October 2011

You can read an interview with Philip Jeck here